On New Year’s Resolutions

Last year I sat down and made new year’s resolutions, as one does. I had just read an article about the silliness of setting goals that are not quantifiable, so I avoided the usual “work hard at stuff” “lose weight” “be more like a dragon” resolutions that take over most lists. Instead, I ended up with a list of around 20 foods I wanted to make in 2014 and “go kayaking.” Although I don’t think this list resulted in self-actualization, it did lead to bagels, macarons, lemon tarts, two kinds of homemade ravioli, roasted chicken, a knife skills class, a six-layer cake, and a treacherous canoe trip around a lake in which the phrase “THIS IS WHY I BELONG INDOORS”  was uttered as we were almost swept out to sea. Since I am apparently entirely uninterested in setting non-food goals for myself, here are some foods I would like to make in 2015. Friends, this is your opportunity to invite yourselves over for dinner or dessert.

  1. CHEESECAKE. New York Style. In a springform pan. Perhaps in a waterbath, if I am brave.
  2. Lasagna, made all by myself. I’ve made it before but never on my own.
  3. This Lemon Crepe Cake. 
  4. Tiramisu
  5. Jalapeno Poppers, bacon wrapped, because I’ve never made or had them and I think I’d love them. Coming soon to a party near you.
  6. This Everything Bagel Spiced Cheese Ball
  7.  Tacos Al Pastor with the crispy cheese on one side like at Puesto (I just spent ten minutes reading through their menu and now I’m homesick for tacos)
  8. I want to make a croquembouche for no reason whatsoever

    Look at all that fine croquembouching

  9. Croissants
  10. Panna cotta because every season of Master Chef someone has to cook it and when I’m selected I do NOT want to be caught unprepared
  11. Lemon Meringue Pie
  12. I want this to be an even dozen, one a month, but I can’t think of anything else so TBD.

Any other suggestions? Anything that will change my life if I make it in 2015?